Dear Reader,


I thank you from the bottom of my heart for exploring the pages of this website. Thank you for drinking the cups of my work, whether these cups were to your taste or not, I am immensely grateful. Now that you have found yourself on this page I presume you are curious about the writer of this blog. My mother named me Anastasia; from my father I adopted the last name Ryzhkova. Now I happily share the last name Gross with my husband. As Shakespeare noticed once, “What is in a name?” May I expand on this and ask you, Dear Reader, “What is in a face? What is in a body? What is in the riches that we possess?” You may say (or may not, it is hard to imagine a conversation with people who will be reading this in the future ;-)… I regressed here, my apologies. You may say, Dear Reader, there is an abundance of benefits in memorable names, beautiful faces, and material riches. I would have to agree. Nevertheless, let us not forget the expansive worlds we have on the inside. Let us visit each other’s worlds through conversations and curiosity. Let us revisit our own worlds through the dreams we have and the Art we make. Here I am open to sharing the world of my own, as Alice called it once. With these words said, I would like to invite you to find out more about me from the writings published on this website. Possibly, from diving into my readings you may unlock the doors to your own worlds. Then you may start creating Art of your own regardless of whether your tool is a pen or a brush or your own voice. The possibilities are limitless because Art inspires Art. 

Yours truly,