MY KAMBO Experience

Who would willingly expose themselves to a treatment that induces an excruciatingly painful feeling that all of your insides are going to burst out of you? Well, I was crazy enough to try the Amazonian medicine called Kambo.

Kambo, Sapo, or Vaccine is a name for frog secretion. The toads that produce said poisons inhabit the rainforests of South America.  Monkey frogs generate the venom as protection. Usually, when, the frog's venom is collected it does not harm the innocent creatures; then the frogs are let free back into the wild. This factor has been a decisive factor for my husband and myself. 

The reason why I considered inducing venom into my skin is for its enormous list of benefits. If you eat the wrong diet for you, there is a chance that your insides are suffering from inflammation. 

A year before taking Kambo I was diagnosed with gluten allergies. My doctor warned me that I am one foot into an autoimmune disease. I did not need a warning. My whole body was screaming at me that I wasn't healthy. My hair was falling out at an expedient pace so that I started to see bold gaps peaking through. At 25 years of age, this was not good news.

I have been working on changing my diet and lifestyle for the past year. Besides a million other transformations, my hair is fuller, and my eyelashes are longer (more on that in another post).

Regardless of all the changes, I have already made I understand that I have been harming my body for the last 25 years of my life. I wanted a health boost. 

The Vaccine Kambo also simulates the breakdown of toxins in the body.  Besides these remarkable benefits, Kambo experts promise psychological shifts. Such as mental clarity, release from addictions, aid with depression, and plentitude of others. So far so good. 

The ceremony was held out in nature on a beautiful green field. There were about 50 participants eager to clear their mind, body and spirit. Most people I spoke to were doing it second, third or even fifth time. Again, this was excellent news. The people prepared their sleeping bags to lie on and placed their buckets close by; I think you can imagine what the purpose of these. 

I watched as the first brave soul went through his experience. It did not look fun by any stretch of the imagination. The man immediately swelled up, turned pale, started moaning and vomiting, and ran to the bathroom, or should I say was walked to the bathroom by two facilitators. The next person fainted. Quickly it became an orchestra of pain. Some people have come out of the experience in 20 minutes fresh and smiling, while, some suffered for longer (30 minutes to 3 hours). It was explained to me that 3 hours is uncommon, but it depends on what you have been doing to your body throughout your life. Regardless, I was close to checking out.

The facilitator came up to me and rubbed my upper arm to prepare for the burns. The way it works is the first layer of your skin is slightly burnt with a tiny wooden stick. Then, the secretion is applied to the burnt dots. The number of dots is indicated depending on your physic and preference. I desperately pleaded, "May I have just two dots please." Laura, the facilitator, smiled at me and said, "You may, of course, but it really won't be enough. The pain is not just to make you feel like s**t; this is healing." We settled on three dots.


The medicine started working immediately. I felt the heat rushing to my head. My heart was beating a million times per second (okay, I am exaggerating, but that's what it felt like). I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I stumbled to the bathroom mainly because I also needed to pee. You see, before Kambo, you are supposed to drink 2 to 3 litres of water, so nature was calling.

By the time I got to the bathroom, my whole body felt numb to the point that I didn't have the strength to take off my pants. I fell on the cold tiles in the stall and hugged the pearly throne. The Shaman's advice was to drink plenty of water and throw up as soon as possible. I forced myself to vomit. It took moments for me to come back to normal. 

The whole experience lasted for about 10 min for me. I was yet to reap the benefits. I felt cleansed and fresh but tired. 

We did Kambo on Saturday. Sunday we were home, and it was not a day of healthy choices. I know, I know, I went through an intense clearing and indulged in a cheat day straight after. We cheat on our diet rarely but everything in moderation, right? 

On Sunday we had delicious gluten-filled pizza and pasta, tiramisu, and chocolate desserts with creme. I regret nothing. 

On Monday I was shocked to wake up feeling fantastic. I woke up at 6:00 am and got out of bed with ease. Usually, I like to turn off the alarm and enjoy an extra 10 minutes of dreaming. Mentally, I felt focused. Usually, I am a bit of a scatterbrain; thus I meditate a lot. It was incredible. 

It is safe to say that I am interested in trying Kambo again. Next time I will stick to healthier dietary choices post venom treatment and observe what happens.   

NOTE: This is just one person's experience. Please, do your research and decide for yourself if Kambo is something you would like to try.