Acceptance of Self

Photograph taken by   Christian Gross (@by_mr_big)

Photograph taken by Christian Gross (@by_mr_big)

Listen to the noise but don’t invite it in
Who are they to say
How much skin you are permitted to expose
The angry bark at your lifestyle choices
Inside their cardboard boxes
In front of their black boxes
The zombies’ hearts were blackened
By the screens that hypnotise
Switching talking pictures
From a vile lie
To a sparkling distraction
I am distracted with what you think of me
I am who I think you think I am
I hear chanting in my brain
Full on the volume, I will turn on
To listen to the echo of an OM
Bothered no more by your high morals
Full of disdain and judgment
Your smirk one smirk had the power
To make me shapeshift into a clone
Acceptance can’t be a priority
Acceptance of self is as necessary as air


Anastasiia Ryzhkova