Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Dreams

My whole life I had dreams where someone would chase me. The chasers always had evil intentions, like murder. I ran away from psychopaths and ghosts. Once, I have found myself in a town (again, this those in my dream) where everyone wanted to inject me with a serum to numb my emotions.  I always felt alone in those dreams. I could not trust even the closest friend because everyone was against me. What were these dreams saying? Trust issues? Most likely. Panic, fear, anxiety? All of the above are possible. 

I think it is possible that the dream affects our day to day and our state of mind has an impact on our actions. So it became a never-ending cycle of horrific dreams and stressful days. The nightmares where I was being chased became a norm for me. I accepted that these were the dream "cards" that life handed to me. I believed that my dreams were a collection of traumas and life experiences. But I did not think dreams could change . . .

Nevertheless, what does it mean to be chased by a potential murderer? Why did I think my life was in danger? Did I believe that my life was in danger? Life can end abruptly at any moment. Fate, they say. Is it fate or do we lead ourselves to it; walking the path laid out for us by our belief systems straight into hell.

One day I forced myself to remember. It was a memory successfully forgotten by my mind, but the emotions were still there. It is the feeling that dreams tried to show me. The symbolism was there, and these metaphors are important, but it was how I felt about those analogies. It was not the images of the said dreams. The dream tried to accent on the same feelings in me as the event evoked initially. 

The dream is not a separate entity, however. The feelings are present 24/7 we numb them down with food, alcohol, other people’s stories. We try hard to look away from the real emotions we are breathing into in our daily lives. No matter how much we drug those feelings, while we sleep we remember our true state of being. 

I sat down to meditate, and I asked my mind to show me what I was hiding from. It is tricky to try and remember your worst memories. Equally, as important. Why? Because otherwise, you stuck in those memories like in a time capsule. You filter your world with those memories without even noticing it. 

Now that I knew where it came from it was easier to change my behaviour. I examined the memory over and over. I still do sometimes. I do not know how much healing I have done, but I do know that I have grown. I didn’t pull the issue with the roots. I left the roots and grew upwards from it. 

Anastasiia Ryzhkova