5 Ways To Reap the Benefits of Coconuts (Oil) or a Cheap and Effective way to Glow With Health

As a University Student, I realized that things cost money. My mum was always into beautifying herself, and she has instilled in me the importance of taking her of your skin – face and body. Since my very first pimple my mum would buy me products to remove makeup, tone the skin, moisturize, pamper, alter, revamp, convert, mutate, remodel, modify, and revolutionize the outer layers of my body. No, I was not allowed to come close to my mother’s precious liquids, as they were a lot more precious than my teenage versions of beauty elixirs. Our bathroom resembled a witch’s lair with shelves of potions to minimize pores, maximize youth and transform a cocoon into a butterfly. I grew up thinking that a lady must (oh how she must!) have a variety of magical concoctions and the more the said lady pays for her gorgeoufication, the better. I was wrong. I mean, if you enjoy pampering yourself with a lot sort of divine lotions and potions, by all means. Who am I to tell you what to do? However, when I found myself low on budget and high in priorities I had to replace millions of bottles for at least five, or two, or even one. 

1. Moisturize the Skin 

It has been said that Coconut Oil increases collagen and antioxidants. Antioxidants are your body’s vigilantes who carry those extra electrons for your stressed out free radical molecules, the ones who have lost the electron pair and are rather upset about it, so they go around trying to steal electrons from the healthy molecules in your body. Bear in mind; I am not a scientist. This is a simple explanation of the free radical events. However, I hope it is good enough to convince you to get more of those antioxidants into you, or at least to do more research on the subject. 

It was good enough to convince me to use coconut oil instead of moisturizer for many moons. Granted, I do attempt my best to eat healthily and drink more water. However, I have noticed that the nights I apply the oil on my face result in more elastic and smoother skin in the mornings. Try it for yourself. 

2. Remove Make-Up

Confession, I have sinned before. The nights I did not have a makeup remover handy I would fall asleep with cosmetics saturating through my skin. The habit of drenching your pillows with face paint has to be the quickest path to dry, cracked, and wrinkly skin. Correct, that this is debatable, like anything else that is why I said “probably”. Regardless, it falls into the category of unhealthy habits. If the lack of makeup removing soluble was the problem, I had to find what was handy. I tried olive oil, but I hated the smell, and I still question whether or not olive oil is the healthiest in the application on the skin. So, I left the delicious olives for the salads. Since I find coconut oils to be safe as a moisturiser, I see no reason why I could not turn it into a makeup remover as well. The best part is the effectiveness of the product. It removes blush, bronzer, concealers, sweat, tears (okay, maybe a little dramatic here) with one simple swipe.  

3. Soak Yourself with Coconuts (oil)

Coconut Oil works as a full body lotion as well as it does for the face. As it helps to promote collagen and antioxidants, it is fantastic at healing wounds. I am allergic to most shaving creams and aftershaves (yes, I tried a multitude of brands). So, I use the coconut goodness on my legs and other parts after I have removed all hairs that I didn’t deem as necessary of my body. 

4. Make a Face Mask

There are a million and one recipes for coconut oil facemasks. My favorite is ½ avocado and two tablespoons of coconut oil. Make sure you apply it to your neck and décolleté area as well as the face.  

5. Make a Hair Mask

Here, I do not do anything extraordinary. I apply a little bit (a little goes a long way) of oil on the ends before I wash my hair. Usually, I like to leave it for 30 to 40 minutes before washing. Mind you; I have very oily hair, so I try to not leave it for too long or not do the mask before I go somewhere important. Do this once a week or fortnightly, and you will nourish your locks. 

Anastasiia Ryzhkova