Leer Part 1: A World Without Dragons

“Do you think they are other worlds out there? Far in the sky. A world without dragons, perhaps.” said Leer to his old nanny whilst looking at the first star of that evening, practically hurting his neck.

Leer was a young guardian of the nobles. He was appointed to his current position 6 years ago when he was barely 17. Now, after earning respect and proving himself he was aiming at the title of the royal family guard.

Sha’ gave him a glare of disdain, “I hope there is a world without people out there. It would be a much better place. I would worry for the world without dragons.” She paused and looked up at the sky herself. “And there certainly is my boy, how foolish are you to think that you are the only one amongst the stars. Arrogant boy.” Sha’ added while going back into the hut, leaving young Leer alone with his thoughts and dreams.