Take me by surprise. Lead me into infinity. Upon I am no longer the prisoner of Time. Do not think about what is good and what is bad. Realize what is right. The fire that is burning inside of you meant to be let free. Do not let your fire burn cities to the ground; let your fire build civilizations. If you keep your fires hidden they will burn you from the inside. Time will laugh as it steals away your youth. Time is a trickster. She, who does not know what to do with her soul, lends her soul to Time. Only upon death will she realize that Time had fooled her. Only upon death will she see that she had so much to give to the world. Give up time and give into Passion. Passion does not care about the hours spent. Passion does not look at the clock. Passion ignites with the Fire within and follows rivers of creativity. Passion finds peace walking on the cold stone Earth and then lets the winds of opportunity take you to new lands. Passion moves to its own flow, it cares not for Time. With these words, I free you from the trappings of the Clock. Ignite and live your truth. It is never too late because you are no longer a prisoner of Time. You are now free in your Passion.