Hello, Darkness

“Hello, Darkness. I invite you to have a conversation with me. I am no longer afraid of you. I want to dive into your abyss and understand you. I want to see the shadow I have been running from. Foolish me. No man can run from his own shadow. When my heart was in bliss I ran and turned away from you. Hypocrite. In the face of tragedy, you have been my shield and my comfort. This was then. Now I stand before you. Seeking to understand what terrified me. Tell me, Darkness, who are you?”

“You believed you ran from me but I was always two steps forward. I know your true desires…I twist them into fantasies that will lead you straight to Hell. I open doors to demons into your life so that you make love with them again and again until the sparkle in your eyes is gone. You may think your mind is your own but I test you with thoughts that I bring as gifts you never wished for. You brush them off and wonder what is wrong with you. You keep hiding from the Evil within you. Your breath shortens, your hands sweat and shake. I stand next to you in AWE and wonder… will you pull the trigger? Will you raise a knife? Does innocence’s life matter? Does your life matter? Will you dance with The Darkness tonight or will you hide and tremble like a leaf? I knit horrifying thoughts for you like a carrying Mother. These thoughts are heavy and there comes a point where you can walk no further. You stumble and fall. I savor this like a glass of fruitful wine but I do not see satire in such a fate.

Sometimes you surprise me. You stop to think, are these thoughts truly my desires. And then what do you do? You look up and look me straight in the eye. Transcendent strength and wisdom, it is astonishing. Something shifts within you. Now you know who The Darkness is. It is you. A vessel. Half Light. Half Dark. No longer a slave to your makeup. The sculptor to your own mold. Then, and only then do you become a Force Of Nature.

Hello, I am Darkness, and I am You.”