Bottled Up

Bottled up all my ideas, thoughts and dreams

Wrote a letter to a stranger

Waived goodbye to the containment

Drove as far as I could

From the shores where I found peace

Climbed mountains and sailed seas

All to forget the songs the heart sang to me


Turned down the volume

Filled the lungs with smoke

The mirror hinted at an animal of sorts

No one I recognized in the reflection

The soul has made a rare appearance in the irises

So I could see that it was I

Trained the face to greet the passers by with empty smiles


All right, I shall follow the path that’s been walked

Will bow down to your mastery of life

Don’t you always know best?

But your map was but a child’s drawing

Off – tract it led me

Maybe I just can’t walk straight

Maybe I was drunk


Fell flat face into the mud

On the path you recommended

The shoes you got me burn my feet

I tried to crawl my way to life

I heard you say to quit

All this embarrassing behavior

So I quit


And then I ran

Back to the shores where I bottled up

Myself into a container

I freed my soul so I could sing out loud

The songs that the heart was serenading 

Anastasiia Ryzhkova