Adventure That She Chose

You threaten me? How dare you? How dare you be yourself in front of me? How dare you speak so honestly? Be normal. Go move into this box that we’ve prepared especially for you before you saw the light of this in-crippling world. How dare you? Try and stumble? Just walk like everybody else or you will have no friends. How dare you cough? How dare you sneeze? How dare you breath? Here is a straight and narrow path so walk this one. Be a good girl. You wouldn’t want to disappoint us now, would you? We lived here before the thought of you even arose. Trust us when we say. There is no magic. There is no colour. It’s all a ruse, a lure into the dark.” And then the little girl grew up. She found life in magic and in colour in the adventure that she chose.

Anastasiia Ryzhkova