The King

You walk through the front door like the King

Like someone was expecting you

You walk in and emanate the darkness you collect

You’ve got your own but then you welcome strangers’ demons in your temple

How generous of you

How generous you seem

You buy me cocktails at the bar

So that my girls can say

How generous you are

You caress my shoulders in a public place

To inform all of the potential suitors

That you have claimed your place

What a king you are

At home, I blend in like a chameleon

To the furniture you chose

My majesty, please let your slave be free

My toes carry me to the front door

Quietly I look for my escape

The King can hear every single mouse in his realm

The King’s mice dance to his majesty’s flute

So I pretend that I was just cleaning the floor with my toes all along

How can the King let his most trained bird leave his palace

How can I escape the Golden Cage when I build the cage myself

How generous I am

To sew this plenty of my heart into your heart

To compensate for your lack of heart

Here is the sacrifice to the Knight I fell in love with

Before he turned into a King

I will leave some of this heart with you

But these wings are getting rusty

They need space to stretch before

I forget how to fly

And I open the windows wide

Anastasiia Ryzhkova