The Sea Part 3: The Leviathan

The rain blinded the sight but my feet were grounded to the exquisitely wooded floors. The drops from the sky hit no lighter than bullets. Bullets that were waking me to the reality that no matter how brave you are, you can still become afraid. Now, I wonder if I was not the only crewmember waking up to that reality. If I had to guess, I would say all of us were being disillusioned. That night, there was no room to be a coward, even if you wanted to be one.


    I raised my head upwards, partly to see where the rain was coming from, partly looking for God or angels. I was not raised with religion so I was not sure whom I needed to look out for in the sky, but faith felt like a comforting blanket in the midst of those chilling events. Unexpectedly, the rain began to subside. Mother Nature stopped crying and the boat was illuminated by the radiance of the moon.  


  The ship found its way back to a horizontal position. All the surroundings were back to balance as if nothing shook them out of order moments prior. As if there was no monster at all. The quietness that settled was like an uninvited guest, mysterious, yet uninvited. All I could hear was an orchestra of heavy breathing, short and out of tune. Not a soul dared to utter a word.


   The legends spoke of a creature of gargantuan proportions, the Leviathan that dwells in the abyss of deep waters. Legends spoke of many things to scare little girls away from adventure ergo not all girls who were brave enough to face the monsters lived to tell the tale. It was the fate of the monsters to become a myth.


  Thus it was difficult to believe what we saw moments ago we truly saw but the pounding hearts could not tell lies. We stood there frozen in time like a graveyard of statues. Without warning the spectacle began once more. The Leviathan emerged its colossal head out of the murky waters. The creature’s nose rested on the beds of its dwellings but her eyes and horns were visible at once. The eyes a size of two suns no less and shone as bright as one could imagine the sun would. As we looked into each other’s eyes, the creature and I, there was an unexpected paradox.


   In its eyes there was an essence that I have seen in my brother’s eyes when he smiled or when he was sad; a glimpse of an anima that I have seen in my mother’s eyes right before she fell into infinite sleep; that same spark I saw in the Captain’s eyes when we would approach an unexplored island or when he talked of his children. It was an inkling of something that lurked beyond the flesh that made us all human. Could it be that humanity shared a profound facet with the sea monster? Maybe, the monster was not a monster at all. Maybe, she was living in accordance to the laws of nature.


  As these thoughts ran through my mind in one defining moment the boat turned upside down. We never had a chance; the odds were always on the side of the Leviathan. The boat sunk into the abyss that is the depths of the ocean along with all its crewmembers but one . . .

Anastasiia Ryzhkova